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Trina having a creative session

Upper Deeside Art Society – Aboyne


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Workshops in Peyrilles – France

July 2017 and 2018

One day workshops held in the Chateau in Peyrilles – France.

For both new, and budding, Artists

The following are some Testimonials from the students – all residents local to the Chateau.

“Trina is very patient and encouraging. As someone who had never lifted a paintbrush I felt rather daunted during the first discussion of the different techniques that could be used but that soon passed. I would have liked a little more help on drawing but can appreciate that it’s not possible with a class of that size. I have been inspired and am even taking some photos now with an eye to using them to paint from. Would certainly go again and yes I’m interested in more painting days”.
“I really enjoyed my day with Trina, it opened my eyes to a different approach, one which I feel I will experiment with in the future. I thought she was very well prepared and it was lovely that she was willing to let us use her materials, so much choice too – I took along far too much stuff as I did not realize that she would be so well organized! I enjoyed her demonstrations, very clear and important for everybody at whatever stage. I liked the way she listened and encouraged and tried to advise tactfully! It must be difficult to handle a mixed class of beginners and more advanced but I thought she did very well and everyone seemed to be enjoying the day as far as I could tell with good results! Well done her I say!”.
“I haven’t done any art since school but I really enjoyed the day – it passed far too quickly. I felt I learnt a lot and was intrigued by the different methods which can be incorporated into a piece of work. Thanks to Trina’s guidance, I now feel less hesitant about putting those first brushstrokes onto the blank sheet. That one day was a taster and has inspired me to dabble a bit”.
“I thought Trina got the right balance between explaining and demonstrating different methods and then letting us get on and have a go. She was a good teacher, encouraging and patient when she probably thought ‘good grief what’s that!’. (Speaking for myself Ha Ha!). One day wasn’t enough for a complete beginner but I suppose if Trina is planning to organise other workshops back home she’ll be able to offer more than just one day at a time”.
“For me I thought the day was a great success. It was marvellous to be able to gather such a group together. I almost went the way of Mary and carried on doing whatever I have done before but in the end my excitement for new things took me there. I loved that you had brought all those materials with you (but we can source some next time if you give us a list and some time to gather them) – for me being presented with such an array takes me straight back to childhood, which is really what was needed, to dump the critical adult, at least from time to time. I have just said to Becky that we need to do some more painting and I think we are going to do some next week. I have found some great photos to begin with, and you have offered us the perfect way to work into beginning a painting, which I will definitely use again”.